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Live Chat to convert your visitors into customers

outputdesk livechat
"Answer your customers in real-time and make them happy"

Setup Quickly

Integrate Output Desk with your website in very few minutes just by adding a piece of script. It is simple and can be used by small & big companies as because of its affordable price.

Monitor your Visitors lively

Lively find out the visitors accessing your website, the current page and the pages accessed by them, how they noticed your website, consent the chats, and then invite them to chat.

Improve your Sales

With Output Desk on your website, you can convert your visitors into customers by chatting instantly with them to clarify the things they need and also improve your support.

Turn your Idle website as Live
With Output Desk, say your website visitors that you are there to help them lively and turn your website as live by..
  • Interacting and engaging your website visitors/customers instantly
  • Providing highly reliable chatting experience
  • Improving your brand identification
  • Growing your customers satisfaction level
  • Boosting your sales by converting your visitors as customers
The Key Features make you Enjoy…
output desk customize

Customize as you wish

Output Desk lets you to customize all visual looks of Chat Window lively to:

  • Beautify and impress the visitors
  • Match with your website’s colours and design
  • Design with your Brand and Logos
  • Add the greetings of your own to ‘Welcome’

Tags to respond quickly

Output Desk allows you to add ‘Tags’ for most popular/common words will be used with the visitors’ questions.

This extraordinary feature makes you to respond your visitors very faster, as it displays the predefined answer set for that Tag in chat window when you type it.


Versatile Operator Departments

Output Desk lets you group your operators into the departments in which they are expertise. Hence, the customers can chat with the operators based on their needs and get the right information at right time that will make them glad.

Active Group & Conference Chats

Output Desk helps you to create dynamic groups & conference chats between operators, customers and website visitors just by a click. It will enable you to provide a best service to your website visitors/customers.


Output Desk helps you to find out exactly the Location and IP address of your website visitors to know from where they request the chat.

Using this special feature you can list out the count of visitors from each country to determine the scope of your website in those countries. Further you can find the visitors of particular states and cities too.

Market from your website itself

Output Desk helps you to Market your services or products from your website itself by providing the opportunity of finding and approaching your potential visitors directly.

  • Identify the frequent visitors
  • Find their Location
  • Analyse the Referrer
  • Chat with them to clarify their needs and also express about your services & products