Top 4 Reasons to use Output Desk Live Chat

Customer Support and Customer Relationship Management are playing vital role in businesses. Customer Support through E-mail and Phone Call become default method for all business.

Nowadays, Customers expect real-time on-demand support for their doubts and queries. To fulfill such business needs, you should choose Live Chat Support which provides instant support to your customers.

Output Desk Live Chat

There are a lot of Live Chat apps available in the market. Among them Output Desk Live Chat is the right one which will help you to answer your customers in no time and convert your visitors in to customers.

Output Desk Live Chat

You can integrate Output Desk with your websites in few minutes just by including a piece of script. It is simple to use and powerful to engage your website visitors/customers.

Live Chat Plug-in/Add-on

Output Desk Live Chat is also available as WordPress and Joomla plugins to integrate with the WordPress and Joomla websites respectively. You can get more details and download them from following links.

Reasons to use Output Desk Live Chat

1. Makes Customers Happy

Output Desk Live chat helps to discover new opportunity to approach your customers directly on your website. Hence, you can answer your customers waiting for you in real-time. Also can clarify the customers doubts during checkout and help them as soon as the difficulties happen.

Make your Customers Happy with Output Desk

When the customers doubts/queries get clarified, they will be happy with the process and become loyal customers. You also don’t lose customers and turn your visitors in to customers.

2. Monitor/Read your Visitors Lively

Output Desk creates a direct communication with your website visitors/customers. It helps you to track the current page and the pages accessed by them, how they noticed your website, consent the chats, and then invite them to chat.

Monitor and Read your Visitors Lively with Output Desk Live Chat

Output Desk assists you also to view what your visitor is typing in real-time and be prepared with your answers. It will be helpful to read your visitors’ mind and surprise them as well as to interact with the visitors who hesitate to chat.

3. Saves Costs

Support through telephonic calls costs money, particularly when your customers put on hold for long time. Also it would involve complex wiring or infrastructure required to install phone systems.

For Output Desk Live Chat, you just need to place a simple piece of code. It also doesn’t make you spend cost to the customers, so it saves your costs. It is the cheap investment method to make your customers happy and improve your sales.

4. Increases your Sales

As Output Desk Live Chat helps you to respond your visitors quickly and make them happy, you can convert the visitors into customers as well as keep the existing customers as happiest customers which will definitely increase your sales and profit.

Output Desk Increases your Sales

Output Desk Features

Output Desk Live Chat will impress and make you to use because of the following excellent features.

  1. Simple and Fast
  2. Chat Logs
  3. Chats Queue
  4. Transferable Chats
  5. Versatile Operator Departments
  6. Operator to Operator Chats
  7. Multi-Operator Chats
  8. Tags to respond quickly
  9. Universal Canned Messages
  10. Offline Messages Handling
  11. Ratings to get Feedback from Customers
  12. Customizable Chat Window
  13. Location Map
  14. Blocking Evil visitors
  15. Sound Reports
  16. Integration with your favorite apps

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