Tips for Live Chat Support Operators

Live chat has become the most effective way to increase the sales, as it is the only way to interact in online shopping or purchasing. With the real-time interaction with sellers or owners, the customers will surely get the confident on online marketing. Of course, Live Chat conversation is the token of assurance for the customers, which will urge them to buy your product online.

Outputdesk Operator Tips

To do clear conversation, the Live Chat Operators must have clear ideas on their products. Also, they should have more knowledge about the application they are using and should use some tricks to provide the helpful information and faster.

1. Invite them to Chat :

Always customers will wander here and there in search of any information throughout our websites. But they hesitate to start a chat. Raising your chat window in targeted pages, will make them to interact with you.

Ouput Desk Proactive Chat Invitation

You can assure that you are there to help them like,

“Welcome to Srimax. This is Wesley, seems you are in this page for a long time.. Let me clarify you…”

or can have any attention grabbers to capture their attention to chat and clarify their doubts.

Also you can identify the crowd page (page that is mostly visited), and can set proactive chat. It should invite your visitor to chat automatically within a particular intervals time.

2. Be fast and swift :

The Operators must be fast and careful, when they chat with visitors/customers. All the messages and greetings should be professional, short, simple, understandable and with courtesy.

In such situation, you can use Canned messages. You just need to save the standardized Canned messages with perfect gracious words before using it.

Output Desk Canned Messages

But you should not use it often. It will make the customers to think that they are talking to a robot. Use it in opt places.

3. Manage your Current Status :

As a human, we may happen to go away from our computer or busy with handling any important chats. In some peak situation, you can “Appear Offline”, which will prevents you from other incoming chats. You can also do this when you step out and set “Online” status again when you are available. At the end of your shift, don’t forget to set your status to Offline by logging out. It will prevent you from missing chats.

4. Response Quickly :

Customers won’t wait for to be answered to their request. You should answer as soon as the customers initiate their chat request. For that purpose, you can set the chat assigning section automatically by prioritizing the operators for chat.

Output Desk Multi Operator

5. Use Transfer Chat :

There may be restricted areas where some restricted operators can only respond. If the customers asks questions in such areas, only the particular operators needs to be answered.

In this circumstance, operator should transfer his visitor to the respective person or to higher officials. Be sure that, the visitor is informed about transferring of chat.

Output Desk Transferrable Chats

You can inform your visitor Like:

“Charles, let me transfer you to the marketing department. Lamrin will be able to answer your question.”

And also confirm that you transferred the chat.

6. Check Returning visitors’ Chat History:

We should get track of all visitors, so that their discussion will help us to find their problem easier, if they appear again. Operators can get the previous information, the customer has discussed, with this previous history.

Outputdesk Chat Logs

7. Provide Name for important conversation:

Some cases will arise where, important discussion will take place. When we want to recall these chat session for future use, it may be difficult to identify it. Here, we can tag those chat discussion with a name, so that we can identify it correctly without much efforts.

8. Confirm end Chat :

When we chat with many users there may occur a situation where we close a chat session instead of other. To save yourself from ending chat accidentally, ask confirmation to end chat.

By doing so, the Live Chat operators will surely love to chat with Customers and improve the sales through better Customers Relationship and Satisfaction.

Would like to point here the Live Chat software Output Desk which has a lot of features including the ones mentioned above. It surely help the operators to engage your visitors/customers and improve the sales.