Simple & Fast way to

Turn your Visitors as Customers and your Idle website as Live

Proactive Chat Invitations

Using Output Desk, you can initiate the chat invitations automatically or manually to chat with your visitors to offer proactive chat. It will help you to leave no questions as unanswered.

Output Desk Chat Invitations
Output Desk Chats in Queue

View the Chats in Queue

With Output Desk, you can see instantly that who are in the wait queue, how long they have been waiting, what question they have for you.

Transferrable Chats

Using Output Desk an operator can transfer the chat to another operator, who is specialized with the needs the visitor requests, to provide the right information.

Outputdesk Transferrable Chats
Output Desk Operator to Operator Chats

Operator to Operator Chats

With Output Desk, the operators can start the chat with other operators in a distinguish chat rooms to get help from them or to change the chat to them.

Multi-Operator Chats

Using Output Desk, you can add the number of operators as your business needs to. It will enable you to chat with all of your visitors at the same time.

Each and every operator can able to view if a visitor is already in a chat with another operator.

Outputdesk Multi Operator Chats
outputdesk OperatorPhotograph

Operator’s Photograph

Output Desk lets the operators to add their photograph. This nice feature will make trust between your operators and visitors during the live chat. It also promotes your visitors/customers engagement.

Handle Offline Messages too

Using Output Desk, you can get the offline messages from your visitors as e-mails whenever you are away. It will help you to start the chat when you are available. You can set the required e-mail address to which you wish to get your customers’ interactions.

Outputdesk Offline Messages
outputdesk Canned Messages

Universal Canned Messages

Output Desk allows you to add predefined responses which are called canned messages that will help you to respond the same questions frequently and save your valuable time.

Get Ratings from your customers

With Output Desk, you can allow your visitors/customers to rate your operators who responded them at the end of the chat. It will help you to get the feedback from your customers lively and to improve the support level as well as the satisfaction of your customers.

outputdesk Rating
Output Desk Chat Logs

Chat Logs

Using Output Desk, you can see all the chat details of your Operators with timestamps, the ratings provided by the visitors for those and more. It will help you to improve the performance level of your operators.

The Operators also can see their individual chat details.

Read your visitors lively

With Output Desk, surprise your visitors by responding them in a fraction of seconds. Yes, Output Desk helps you to see what your visitor is typing in the real time and be prepared with your answers. It will be helpful to read your visitors’ mind and also to interact with the one who is hesitating to chat.

Output Desk Visitors Lively
Live Chat Location Map

Location Map

Using Output Desk, you can able to see the current location of your visitors in the Map.

Block the Evil visitors

Output Desk enables you to restrict the visitors from a particular region either based on the Countries or IP addresses in order to free your operators bothered by evil visitors.

Once you set the restriction, the visitors from that specific Country or IP address will be ignored and won’t be tracked.

Output Desk Block the Evil Visitors
Output Desk Sound Reports

Sound Reports

Output Desk provides the complete and well-informed report to collect your visitors/customers feedback/outlook. It will help you to analyse your performance level and quality.